CGi Helps Association Diversify its Revenue and Add Valuable Training Solution

The American Case Management Association (ACMA) is a non-profit professional membership organization for hospital and health system case management professionals. In 2012, CGi and ACMA’s leadership identified the need in this profession for better training tools. Much of the training for new individuals entering the field was “on-the-job” and based on a preceptor model. The complexities of this field, the rapidly changing healthcare regulations, and this training model left gaps in practitioner competency.

CGi engaged to meet this need and create a potential new revenue stream for the client. Our approach focused on three elements: To create a minimum viable product, to leverage our network of subject matter experts and to focus on content first.

Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

This was an unproven product concept, and CGi minimized development expenses. The result was a solid initial product offering which escaped large development or maintenance expenses and minimized risk to the client organization.

Leverage Our Network of Subject Matter Experts

ACMA already had many of the key leaders at major hospitals and health systems around the country as active members. We engaged these individuals to identify their needs and a smaller group to become our subject matter experts (SMEs) and produce a curriculum.

Focus on Content First

Our belief was that if we could create outstanding content that met the high standards of ACMA’s engaged leaders, then ACMA would have a new product that could grow rapidly.


Today, this product has exceeded all expectations. Branded as ACMA’s Compass Directional Training, this product is now used in more than 1,200 US hospitals with over 25,000 trainees completing the curriculum annually. Compass has become the standard for orientation training and annual competency for the field of hospital case management.

For ACMA, this has created a sustainable revenue stream that rivals its traditional sources of membership dues and annual conference. Perhaps more important, this revenue stream is highly diversified. Compass is sold to hospitals and health systems whereas ACMA’s membership is individual. Moreover, almost all Compass sales are part of a multi-year contract with an annual renewal.

Currently, the growth of Compass continues to accelerate, and CGi’s structure manages this rapid growth through professional and experienced teams dedicated to sales, account management, and development.

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