Content is King.

Bill Gates

Content that educates, inspires and captivates - that is the goal. Great content compels organizations to purchase content, and attendees to register for events. Striking the correct balance of each element can be difficult, but when achieved the content is powerful, and the result becomes valuable intellectual property.

CGi has over 20 years of experience in convening subject matter experts to produce educational content for a variety of media: live events, articles, educational videos, webinars and research publications. One of our most recent success stories is the creation of an educational curriculum and learning management system that is currently in use at over 1,200 US hospitals, educating approximately 25,000 trainees each year. [Read our case study.]

You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.

Ann Handley

For many professionals, educational content needs to include continuing education (CE) coverage. This brings a myriad of new requirements to the development and delivery of content as each professional body often has its own unique regulatory requirements. CGi can ensure that content is built and delivered in a compliant manner and has the existing CE infrastructure to provide credit to trainees.