Memorable event experiences

They may forget what you said - but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Carl W. Buehner

Your events are your brand. You create an experience for your participants that conveys your identity and vision. CGi has a wealth of experience in event development, management, and growth. We can manage all aspects of planning (venue research, contracting, logistics, etc), marketing, production, sponsorship sales, and trade show management.

Start by Listening

CGi's approach to all events employs a performance listening method to understand:

  1. your organization's goals, and
  2. (more important) the desires of your attendees.
Truly understanding attendee feedback is a powerful point of leverage. Listen to what they want, then give them what they want. Doing this year after year creates a sustainable event, one that grows each year.

New Events

A new event starts with a concept. CGi will work with you to clarify your vision. This often means bringing together others to share your vision and contribute their knowledge and ideas. CGi will facilitate all aspects to refine a concept into a workable project plan.

CGi will then leverage our broad network to engage the most suitable venue, speakers, and entertainment to execute this plan, at all times keeping in mind that the participant’s experience is critical.

New events often require an intense marketing push to create a compelling reason to attend, and deliver the message to your potential audience of participants and sponsors.

New events

Existing Events

Existing events provide both advantages and challenges. While it helps to have an existing brand and past participants provide an engaged audience, how do you keep an existing event from becoming stagnant? How do you make each experience memorable for participants, and create in them a strong desire to attend your next event?

CGi's portfolio includes events that we have been managing - and growing - for over 20 years. This requires constant innovation on a successful model to keep our content relevant to a changing environment, and to consistently making the experience memorable, for both the first-time attendee and those who attend each year. CGi has the experience to make your event successful year after year.